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Psychonauts 2: How to Find Rare Fungus for Lili

Find Rare Fungus for Lili is an optional mission in Psychonauts 2, and, as the name suggests, it centers around locating a special mushroom. While it is indicated that this toadstool is situated within the Questionable Area, a location on the other side of the Quarry, its precise position is not revealed. This may leave some fans confused about exactly where they should look for the rare fungus in Psychonauts 2, and this guide is here to shine some light on the matter.

Where is the Rare Fungus in Psychonauts 2

To get right to it, the rare fungus that players must find for Lili is in a cave that is hidden behind the Questionable Area’s large waterfall. That waterfall is marked with an “A” on the map, and Psychonauts 2 fans will need to pass through Fierro’s Funicular in order to reach the aforementioned cave. For full clarity, Fierro’s Funicular is marked with a “B” on the map, and it is just past the Forgetful Forest on the left side of the Questionable Area.

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Upon arrival at the Funicular, players will discover that the ride is inoperable. To get it back up and running, fans must use the Telekinesis Psi-Power in Psychonauts 2 to insert three cogs into the ride’s motor, and the first one is sitting by the device. The second of these cogs can be found leaning against a rock to the right of the Funicular, while the third one is on the ground right next to the slope of the ride.

With Fierro’s Funicular repaired, players should hop onto the roof of one of the moving cars and ride it to the top. Fans should then turn to their right, walk forward a few paces, and turn to their right again to face a wooden pathway that wraps around the mountain. Players that follow this path will encounter a short obstacle course that ultimately leads Psychonauts 2's protagonist to a circular platform that is very near to Far-Fetched Falls.

Once a player reaches this platform, they should position themselves as close as possible to the waterfall and use Raz’s Time Bubble ability on a log as it rises. Fans should then jump onto the log and ride it until the cave that is behind Far-Fetched Falls is revealed. Now all that is left to do is enter that cave, and players will see the rare fungus that they need for this optional mission in Psychonauts 2 on a raised platform only a handful of steps forward.

Psychonauts 2 is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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