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Stardew Valley Player Finds Abigail in Strange Location

Stardew Valley continues to rule the farming sim market with little competition. One of many aspects that makes this indie title so unique is its interesting cast of characters and love interests. Abigail, in particular, is perhaps one of the most beloved characters in all of Stardew Valley. And yet, even educated fans of the game might be surprised to learn that she can appear in some pretty strange places.

Abigail is a playful, talented musician with a bit of a quirky side. She also has an affinity for rocks, which has spawned quite a few memes from the community. But like all characters in this farming sim, Abigail has her own little secrets. Some that are small, like the sword hidden in her room. And others that are quite shocking, such as the secret about which Stardew Valley NPC is her real father.

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One of the most mysterious events to happen with Abigail, however, comes from Reddit user SU6ARD3M0N, who discovered the NPC roaming an area that she definitely doesn't belong in. This particular player was exploring the mountain mines at the time, the ideal location in Stardew Valley to hunt monsters and gain materials. However, once they reached the 20th floor of the cave, a familiar face appeared. Without any explanation, Abigail had somehow found her way inside the mines, idly standing beside the exit. Not only is it a bizarre location to find any NPC in the game, Abigail herself reveals through dialogue elsewhere that she is a bit terrified of the caves.

I found Abigail in the 20th floor in the mines. from StardewValley

It's unclear as to why Abigail would appear in the mines, or why she would choose the 20th floor to greet the player. Unfortunately, there is no real explanation for the occurrence. SU6ARD3M0N was unable to interact with the NPC in any way, and Abigail did not move from her position on the 20th floor. Though it isn't the creepiest thing to occur in Stardew Valley, the entire event is still quite odd. Some fans are suggesting that this is a glitch in the game. Specifically, a bug that occurs when players befriend Abigail far enough to experience her heart-based events.

After the player receives 10 hearts with Abigail, she can be found in the mines for a one-time scene. During the scene, she shares a single dialogue line in which she says, "I finally worked up the courage. I bet you didn't think I could", likely a reference to her fear of the mines. That being said, SU6ARD3M0N reported that Abigail had absolutely no dialogue to share at that time. Nor did she interact with the rest of the mines in any way. If her appearance in the mine is related to her scripted event, it certainly isn’t working as intended. If not, then it’s just another one of Stardew Valley’s many mysteries.

Stardew Valley is available on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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