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Psychonauts 2: Strike City Emotional Baggage Locations

During Psychonauts 2's campaign, players will be tasked with repairing the fractured psyche of Ford Cruller, giving them free rein to explore outside of The Motherlobe and embark on new missions. After tackling Compton's Cook-Off and helping Compton Boole leave his cell in Psychoisolation, players will be given access to the bowling alley, meaning they can collect the germ-obsessed fragment of Cruller that resides within.

Entering his mind will take players to Strike City: a bustling, slime-covered metropolis filled with fearful germs bracing themselves to be wiped from existence by Cruller's bowling shoe sanitizer spray. Although the area is shorter than most Psychonauts 2 levels, it still has two pieces of Emotional Baggage for Raz to discover during his adventure. The bags and their corresponding tags can be difficult to find, so for those struggling, here's how to collect all the Emotional Baggage available in Strike City.

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The Suitcase

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The first piece of Emotional Baggage players will be able to snag is The Suitcase tag, and it crops up fairly early into the mission. After helping the construction worker lower the first pathway using the ball polisher, players will enter an area filled with thick green slime. Navigate all the way to the back of the area and grab the Suitcase tag behind the yeast van.

The Suitcase is found much later in the mission. Right before players enter Lover's Lane and learn more about Ford Cruller, they'll find themselves in a large construction site. Sticking on the first floor, move towards the back of the area and look for some bowling pins covering up a hidden crevice underneath a ramp. Knock the pins down to enter the area and find the Suitcase.

The Duffelbag

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The second piece of Emotional Baggage in Strike City is the Duffelbag. Its tag can be tricky to spot unless players know where to look, cropping up in the section where players cross the horizontal "Joe's" sign. When making their way across the precarious obstacle, move all the way to the "O" in "Joe's." Jump through the middle of the O to launch Raz downwards. The level's gravity should then readjust, allowing players to land on a nearby rooftop. There, they'll find some Censors to fight and The Duffelbag tag.

The bag itself is found much earlier in the level, meaning players will have to return via the Collective Unconscious. Once they do, they should follow the main mission's path until they reach the area where they used the first ball polisher. Behind the polisher, they'll find the Duffelbag waiting for its tag. With those all accounted for, players can push forward with Psychonauts 2's main story or return to the Collective Unconscious to find any other collectibles they might've missed.

Psychonauts 2 is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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