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Final Fantasy 14 Collaborates With Great British Bakeoff Star With Anniversary Cake

Square Enix is looking to tap into the culinary side of the Final Fantasy 14 community with a new collaboration video celebrating the MMO's eigth anniversary. The collaboration with Belgian-British baking star Kim-Joy Hewlett shows the process of baking a colorful cake themed around iconic creatures from the game.

Final Fantasy 14 is actually a term used to refer to the A Realm Reborn relaunch, which replaced the original 2010 release of the game. Since the relaunch Final Fantasy 14 has become a favorite among MMORPG players, and elements of the game have commonly expanded into other media as well.

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The video shows Kim-Joy creating the base for the multi-layer cake, followed by several decorations to make the Final Fantasy 14 theme evident. Iconic creatures like biscuit dough Cactuar, Chocobo moulded from bread dough, and fondant Spriggans all appear, with the honor of the top spot going to the head of a Moogle. The entire process is shown from the creation of the layers to the final touches of decoration, and provides a satisfying view of the lengthy and precise process of cake decoration as well as serving as a visually appealing 3D diorama inspired by Final Fantasy.

The final result is an impressively detailed cake covered in Final Fantasy references, with several variants of Cactuar circling the lower layer and Spriggans alternating with Chocobos in the midsection. The Spriggan and Chocobo layer is backed with light blue and white icing meant to look like a sky, perfect for the birdlike Chocobos. The blushing Moogle at the top appears as if it appears from the cloudy sky layer and has an eye-catching antennae sticking out of it.

The Final Fantasy series and baking have a surprisingly rich history together, with the high level of detail in the food of Final Fantasy 15 being a major point of praise for the game. Over the course of the series the world of Final Fantasy has accumulated a large variety of interesting consumable items, with food being no exception as it serves important functions in the series. With the many different mediums Final Fantasy has expanded into, food is one of the surprisingly common ones.

Final Fantasy fans have a tendency to create objects from the games in real life, and that dedication can easily extend to the food as well. Official collaborations of this type, however, are much less common. The series has a surprisingly large culinary following so it is possible this collaboration will appeal to the aspiring cooks in the audience.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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