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Justin Bieber Becomes Spotify’s Most Listened to Artist Ever

Justin Bieber on Spotify Most Listened to Artist Ever!!! Officially Prince of Pop???

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Justin Bieber has left every other artist on Spotify in the dust — hitting a major milestone by attracting the most listeners ever, which begs the question … is he MJ's heir apparent???

The Biebs broke a record this week … raking in the most monthly listeners on Spotify over the course of the streaming platform's history, with a whopping number of 83.3 mil — the first time that's been accomplished — this as his "Justice" album continues to surge on the charts.

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And, don't get us started on his hit single with The Kid LAROI, "Stay," which continues to cruise at #1 several weeks after its release. Safe to say, August has been good to JB.

BTW, as far as Justin's Spotify lead … he's far ahead of the rest of the pack by millions of listeners. The Weeknd clocks in at #2 with 74.5 million monthly listeners, Ed Sheeran is #3 with 72.4. And his female contemporaries are even further behind … in the 60s.

The record before this was around 82 mil monthly listeners — held by Ariana Grande for a good while. In any case, some major congratulations are in order … and maybe some title-bestowing too. A lot of people are throwing around the term "Prince of Pop" right about now.

There's some controversy with that … some feel he isn't deserving (for a variety of weird reasons) — but the numbers don't lie, and Justin's longevity speaks for itself. So yeah, he may just be the modern-day prince of the genre … behind the all-time king, Michael, of course.

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Speaking of MJ, the dude's music continues to hit new benchmarks in its own right … even today, more than a decade after his untimely death. "Thriller" was just certified 34X Platinum this week — yep, people are still playing that classic.

All hail the King … and Prince!

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