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Pokemon Unite Tips from Master Rank Player

Pokemon Unite has a lot of moving parts, from its multiplayer aspects all the way to the game mechanics, there is a lot that goes into understanding the game. Players who previously have played League of Legends or DOTA will find themselves adjusting to Pokemon Unite's more unique playstyle and priorities. Completely new members to the MOBA genre should hopefully be able to find their footing and determine what is most important in Pokemon Unite with this short guide.

Choosing A Pokemon, and Learning A Path

This whole guide could easily become a focus on these two concepts due to their extreme importance in the game. In order to get better at the game, pretty early on a player may want to establish a path they enjoy the most and find the most comfort in playing. Mostly all the Pokemon in the game are very beginner-friendly to play, despite what difficulty the game has them labeled. There are only a few exceptions to this, and beginners may want to look at a guide for Pokemon such as Greninja.

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Learning What To Prioritize

For players who have played Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard, the importance of experience points may be more easily understood than other MOBAs in the genre. Pokemon Unite does not have any gold to purchase items, or ways to get stronger during the match other than experience, making it the single most important consideration throughout the game. This means players must be aggresive in order to steal experience from opponents, and most importantly fight for the objectives. For fans looking for a reason to believe this guide, look no further.

Being aggresive means at nearly the first sight of opponents each match, players should be attepting to steal the kill on the wild Pokemon from opponents. Whoever gets the kill on the wild Pokemon gains the experience points and Pokeballs, making it a high priority of doing so throughout the match. Continually stealing from opponents will make you stronger, and keep the enemies weak, allowing you to snowball much quicker.

Objectives and Importance

Drednaw and Rotom are the two biggest objectives that teams will be fighting over throughout the course of each Pokemon Unite match. Despite these both being heavily contested objectives, Drednaw's importance is unmatched and whichever team manages to get the first kill on Drednaw will often win the match. Many new players make the mistake of neglecting to go to the bottom Path when Drednaw spawns, and this can heavily increase the speed at which players will rank up if they begin doing so.

Held Items and Battle Items

Firstly and most importantly, almost all held items are acceptable as long as they have been properly leveled up to max level 20. The stat bonuses they provide are dearly important, but it is absolutely not required to only use the specific ones other players are severely devoted to.

Simply go for the items with stats you would find beneficial for your role, or consult a Pokemon Unite build. Secondly, if you plan on assassinating other players like Gengar, X-Attack is a good choice but otherwise, Eject Button is an absolute requirement as it allows for the most flexibility.

Common Mistakes Keeping Players From Master Rank

Some communities and builds heavily prioritize the held item Score Shield over others, and while this item is strong, it is misused. Routinely before entering Master rank, players would often suicide while trying to forcefully score points because they thought their score shield would protect them. Scoring points early on rarely matters, and the importance of the last two minutes and whichever team gets Drednaw is often the difference between a victory or loss.

Grab a Friend, or Make a New One In Game

It was completely unrequired in order to obtain Master rank, but throughout the solo-grind eventually making an expert Pikachu player friend made rising through the ranks much easier. Having a friend with a similar playstyle allows for much better team cohesion and ends in more victories. Players and friends can always keep learning from one another, and providing struggling allies additional pro Pokemon Unite tips to keep each other's head in the game.

Pokemon Unite is available now on Nintendo Switch and will launch for mobile devices on September 22.

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