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Terraria Fan Creates Beautiful 3D Structure in 2D World

Terraria is a 2-dimensional game with an incredible amount of content in every aspect of the modern RPG genre. The flexbility in how Terraria is played stems from a vast selection of weaponry and armor to decorate the player, but one of the biggest draws for many players is its building potential. Building in Terraria provides players a wealth of options for building, not only heavily encouraging creativity and experimenttation, but also rewarding the player for continuing to build and expand.

Terraria is most well known though for its difficult boss fights and massive changes the game makes as the player progresses beyond these bosses. The player may hack and slash or simply blast away with magic to take down many of their foes but a large portion of the game is spent upgrading the player's gear to better destroy the opposition. For so much planning though, players are encouraged to set-up a home and as they continue to expand, a roster of NPC characters will live alongside them to support their journey.

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With hundreds of mods being available for Terraria building possibilities are endless, but one devoted fan took a good amount of time and created something completely unprecedented for Terraria. This 3-dimensional looking medieval building appears almost unnerving for hardcore Terraria fans due to it clashing so harshly with the game's usual 2D style. Despite this though, fans in the past have continually created works of incredible art within the game, and this fan has broken all previous barriers, even dimensions, set before them.

I tried experimenting with 3D and perspective for this house! from Terraria

With many die-hard fans of the game focusing more on the exploration and most recent game mode called Master Mode, many players may have forgotten about the vast building possibilities. Throughout the comments players continue to question the creator about which blocks were used, and how they masterfully created the 3D illusion on the 2D background. Only after careful consideration are the Sandstone and Ebonstone bricks able to be identified, encapsulating the roof and making it appear to extend from the building.

With Terraria celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year, players have returned to the game quite frequently with a renewed passion for many aspects of the game. Fortunately for the community, dedicated fans such as this have continued to supply dreamy creations of art breaking all expectations. Despite the game's mass selection of mods, this player reminds the community that the base game has a significant amount of flexibility to be enjoyed as well.

Terraria is available now for Mac, Mobile, PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, and Xbox One.

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