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Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley: Who Won the Boxing Fight

YouTuber Jake Paul completed his long-awaited fight with former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley tonight. In a split decision, a winner was crowned, but a rematch could be on the way.

Jake Paul went into the match undefeated; the YouTube star has bested all of his previous opponents, including social media influencer AnEsonGib, former NBA player Nate Robinson, and former UFC fighter Ben Askren. Tyron Woodley, though retired, is the most dangerous fight that Paul has thus far taken on. The match was streamed live on Showtime PPV. The UFC crowd was not welcoming to Paul, but that didn't stop him from winning the match.

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Tonight, the controversial social media star Jake Paul was declared the winner of the battle against Tyron Woodley via split decision. While Paul took several hard hits, he seemed to be on top of the fight, doling out far more than he took. This brings the YouTuber's short but shining career to 4-0, still undefeated. "He's a tough opponent," said Paul about the fight. "He's been boxing/striking for 20 years. It was a tougher fight than I expected. He's a good boxer, he came in shape. No hard feelings, but this feels amazing. I want to cry, but I'm too tired." The win has gotten a lot of response from others who now want a piece of Paul in the ring as well.

Woodley said in his post-fight interview that he wanted a rematch against the social media star. Paul responded that he would be happy to rematch if Woodley got an "I love Jake Paul" tattoo. Tommy Fury, another fighter from England and a reality TV star, called out Paul in his post-win interview from his own match tonight. He is also looking to fight Paul. Jake Paul has also told interviewers that he hopes to fight Soulja Boy someday soon.

Jake Paul is an American YouTube star who started his career on Vine. The 24-year-old has had quite a career in social media and music, and has made a name for himself with questionable content on his YouTube channel. Jake Paul has also teased making his own Twitch channel as well. Although his career has been plagued by investigations, allegations, and other issues, it doesn't look like his social media star is going to burn out any time soon. His fighting career seems to similarly be on the rise.

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