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The Last of Us 2 Fan Shares Colorful Painting Of Dina And Ellie

When Naughty Dog’s action-adventure The Last of Us 2 was released in 2020, it garnered massive critical acclaim. The sequel to 2013’s hugely influential The Last of Us, the second part of the series upped the stakes in its bleak post-apocalyptic world. While many fans of the first game were not happy with the dark direction the narrative took itself in the second title, The Last of Us 2 still managed to earn itself an impressive 93 Metacritic score as well as several gaming awards from various media outlets.

So while The Last of Us 2 is certainly no stranger to controversy, the game also has a multitude of passionate fans as well. The active fanbase has created many different pieces of excellent art celebrating the games’ rich characters and imaginative game world. From highly detailed drawings to amazing anime adaptations of The Last of Us’ characters, the series is no stranger to incredible fan-produced content.

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A Reddit user who goes by the name Little-Sadie has shared her version of The Last of Us 2’s central characters Ellie and Dina in an abandoned building in Seattle. Rather than a sketch or drawing, Little-Sadie’s piece is instead a gorgeous gouache painting. This type of paint is known for its luminous color and matte finish, helping the artwork absolutely nail the games’ beautiful moments among its harrowing story.

My gouache art of Ellie and Dina from thelastofus

The post has been a hit with Reddit’s The Last of Us community, garnering over five hundred upvotes as of writing. Other Reddit users are praising the unique style and texture of Little-Sadie’s painting and remarking how accurately it captures the feeling and tone of The Last of Us 2.

Fanart like Little-Sadie’s has increasingly become an effective way for fans to express their love for their favorite games and other properties. The Last of Us 2’s expressive characters and nail-biting, personal stories seem to greatly capture the imagination of various fans and artists.

Of course, The Last of Us 2 isn’t the only game to be lovingly celebrated by its many players and fans; Other titles like the Borderlands series, Overwatch, and sci-fi RPG Mass Effect also seem to inspire their vast communities to produce wonderful pieces of art, too. Still, there seems to be something about The Last of Us 2 in particular that has captured the hearts of gamers and artists looking for a deep, heartbreaking tale about love and loss.

The Last of Us 2 is available on PS4.

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