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How Travis Scott Ended Up Being Kylie Jenner’s Ideal Partner in Parenthood

How Travis Scott Ended Up Being Kylie Jenner's Ideal Partner in Parenthood

Kylie Jenner may be only 24, but she has long since established her savvy-beyond-her-years credentials.

Once the baby of the most famous reality-TV family in the world, the Kylie Cosmetics founder has made one life-affirming decision after another, slyly smiling in the face of every skeptic and naysayer who didn't believe the wildly successful entrepreneur and soon-to-be mother of two had it in her.

Of course, her most scrutinized move to date was her decision to have her first child at 20 with Travis Scott, the news that she was pregnant coming as a relative shock despite what we thought was the celebrity world's (not to mention the Kardashian-Jenner family's) waning ability to truly surprise anybody.

No one doubted that Kylie's child would grow up with the support of a tight-knit, loving family that is just living these days for the ever-adorable little ones in their midst. Kris Jenner is a grandmother of 10 and counting, making the proverbial village significantly less proverbial.

But who was this Travis Scott, the man Kylie trusted enough after a handful of months of dating to become her partner in parenthood, a job for life no matter what happens down the road? (A road that continues to have its twist and turns, destination unclear.)

Well, for starters, he's been the kind of devoted, hands-on dad that made Kylie want to have another baby with him. While there's been no official clarification from either of them regarding the state of their relationship since amicably splitting up in 2019, E! News reported Aug. 20 that their second child together is on the way.

And there have been signs that their romance was back on track. Such as Travis back to using the W-word.

"Stormi, I love you and, Wifey, I love you," he declared in June while being honored at the 72nd Parsons Benefit in New York, Kylie and their 3-year-old daughter in town to be with him.

Kylie's story, meanwhile, has also reached mythological proportions.

"I feel like I'm going to look back and be like, 'Damn, I wish I could've just been a kid and done normal teenage stuff that my friends get to do,'" she told Interview in 2015, shortly after her 18th birthday. "But it also is a blessing, and I've done so many things that most 35-year-old women still haven't done. You can look at anything glass-half-full or whatever."

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The teen shared that she had already learned that material possessions weren't going to be the drivers of her happiness.

"I've realized through the years that I just find happiness in other things, whether it's my dogs or my friends or, like, looking at the sunset," Kylie said. "So if I were to wish for something else, it would just to be happy all the time, to have a superpower of not letting things affect me, and to be true to who I am, always."

Coincidentally, Travis was telling Complex something quite similar around that same time. "Yes, money is important. But it's all about the creative process," the rapper said. "Money is something that keeps you alive and healthy and just keeps you focused. It's the drive. It's the passion. I'm making songs not for the money but to see motherf–kers' reaction."

Not that Kylie doesn't enjoy stuff, or the high that comes from inhaling that new-car smell multiple times a year. And Travis doesn't exactly avoid indulging, either, already way into statement fashion long before meeting Kylie.

Clothing and accessories always seemed to be part of the description in articles about him, whether he was carrying a Goyard bag or wearing a bedazzled Libertine shirt. When GQ really probed him about any career regrets he might have, all he could come up with was, "I wouldn't have worn Snapbacks." (True, certain hats really do represent a snapshot in time. Ashton Kutcher would probably agree.)

For her 21st birthday, he got Kylie a vintage cream-colored Rolls Royce, and then she came home to a house carpeted with red roses, blooms covering the floor and every surface.

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Travis repeated the grand floral gesture for Kylie's big 2-2 in August 2019 as well, blanketing the house with red roses five days before her birthday.

Then they jetted to Europe for a family vacation, where he gave her a custom diamond-encrusted chain pendant by Eliantte bearing the Kylie Cosmetics lips logo and trio got busy yachting, jet-skiing, strolling and doing impromptu photo shoots wherever there was a picturesque background. Which, in France and Italy, was almost everywhere.

"Happy Bday Wifey," Travis wrote to her on Instagram. "Everyday I watch u grow more into this amazing superhuman everyday is the best the day with u here may God continue shine on you. Happy fcking Bday love ya !!!"

The following month, however, they decided to spend some time apart, a source telling E! News it wasn't a "firm split," but each needed some space.

Kylie and Travis were never physically away from each other for long, though, reuniting frequently for Stormi, including for her 2nd birthday in February 2020—which they opted to spend at Disney World with members of Kylie's family. Who, true to form, remained open-minded and optimistic about Travis, counting him as a forever-member of the family no matter what.

For his part, Travis told XXL magazinein late 2019 that "being a dad is better than what I thought it would be. Stormi is one of the best human beings I know. She's like my best friend. She makes life a little bit easier. She just inspires me and she surprises me every day with how she's thinking. It's so crazy."

And, he added, "I love her mommy and I always will."

No small thing, Travis has also remained fairly stoic in the face of the oft-unwieldy amount of scrutiny directed at Kylie and her family (and, in turn, their respective significant others).

Before joining the Kard-Jenner operation, Travis was perfectly aware of just how quick the negativity on social media can get out of hand, what it was like to have critics picking apart his professional work and having many people interested in his private life.

"When my album dropped I deleted Twitter off my phone just so I could be at peace," he shared with Complex after Rodeo came out. "I saw some s–t where on 'Oh My Dis Side' [somebody said] I got the melody from Future's 'Rich $ex,' which is so weak and lame. That's one of my favorite songs, but my album was made before the Future album came out. Metro [Boomin] stayed at my crib for, like, nine months and made mad beats that made it onto Future's album. I'm like, damn if only they knew."

Nothing, however, could have prepared him for Kylie-level attention until he was in the thick of it.

But Kylie never pressured him to be a part of her capital-s Scene, her shift in priorities never more apparent than when she went unprecedentedly quiet during her first pregnancy, posting throwbacks or otherwise unrevealing photos on social media and not discussing how her relationship or those nine months in general were going at all.

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