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Skyrim Player Uses Mods to Make the Game Like Dark Souls

When it comes to playing Skyrim, players frequently use mods to tailor the experience for themselves. Sometimes these can be used to add new features or functionality that improve the game, and other times they are piled on to ridiculous effect such as making dragons look like Macho Man Randy Savage. While an individual mod can be powerful, using several at once can completely change the game into something new; this seems to be the goal of Twitter user HeavyBurns. This Elder Scrolls enthusiast is using around 500 mods to effectively turn the game into the iconic Dark Souls franchise by FromSoftware.

Aside from their common genre of fantasy RPG, Dark Souls and Skyrim don’t really share much in common. The settings and styles of these games are completely different from one another, so it’s certainly an odd connection to make. That said, the open world of Skyrim and the dedication of its modding community make something like this possible, even for players that don’t actually make mods themselves like HeavyBurns.

HeavyBurns himself has only shared a short teaser trailer of his upcoming project to turn Skyrim into Dark Souls, but an interview with GamesRadar reveals some more information. Here, HeavyBurns shares that he had tried this same thing last year, but the current selection of mods available weren’t enough to get the result he truly wanted. When asked about why he decided to tackle the idea again, HeavyBurns had this to say: “There are a large number of creature, weapon, armor, UI and sound mods which I simply wasn’t aware of at the time of making the video, and some even that have come out since.”

Even for a project of this magnitude, 500 mods may seem a bit overkill to some. Apparently there are around 30 to 40 major mods that change core gameplay features, add new animations, or make other big modifications, and then hundreds of smaller mods to help with visual changes, mod compatability, performance, and the like. All together these mods work to make HeavyBurns’ Skyrim and Dark Souls mash up, which he will be showcasing in a YouTube video on his channel, also called Heavy Burns.

Players that are interested in this project should be sure to follow HeavyBurns on YouTube and Twitter, as more information will likely surface as the showcase gets closer and closer. In addition to the video tweet above, HeavyBurns also shared some new screenshots from his modded version of Skyrim.

Skyrim is available now for PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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