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Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit locations guide

Looking for Amakumo Fruit locations in Genshin Impact? Now that the 2.1 update is live, you may have been lucky enough to snag the new five-star character, Baal. Even if you haven’t managed to add the Electro Archon to your team, if you’re planning on wishing for her in future, it’s a good idea to stock up on her Ascension Materials ahead of time.

There’s plenty to keep you busy with the new update. Genshin Impact fishing has finally arrived, and there are two new Inazuma islands to explore. New world quests will keep you busy, too, such as the Seirai Stormchasers, which tasks you with sealing the Warding Stones found around Seirai Island. And as luck would have it, that’s where this guide takes us, too. Here are all the Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit locations you’ll need.

Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit locations map
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Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit locations

Amakumo Fruit is found on Seirai Island, to the south of the main Inazuma island, Narukami. You’ll find it growing mainly in the Amakumo Peak area, around the large crater, but one or two can be found in the outer areas of the island.

You should look out for small plants with pink stems and blue leaves. The Amakumo Fruit is often found close to the tall, bright pinky-purple plants scattered around this region, so they may not be easy to spot at first. You can check the interactive map here or the map above to get a better idea of where you can find them.

Look out for random thunder strikes while you’re out and about, too; it pays to complete the Seirai Stormchasers world quest as this makes getting around the island a lot less treacherous.

Amakuro Fruit is the Ascension Material for Baal, also known as Raiden Shogun, the new 2.1 five-star Electro character. Unlike Ayaka’s Sakura Bloom, Amakuro Fruit doesn’t appear to be an ingredient for any recipes. Still, it’s handy to have some ready for when you successfully wish for Baal.

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