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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Former Pastor Calls Him Out Over N-Word ‘Pass’

Dog the Bounty Hunter's

Dog the Bounty Hunter Pastor Rebukes His N-Word ‘Pass’ … But Defends His Character

Dog the Bounty Hunter‘s been educated about his inappropriate use of the n-word and now knows he doesn’t have a pass to use it … so says his former pastor, Tim Storey, who still believes Dog means well and has a good heart.

Storey — who is Black, and is now an acclaimed author, speaker and life coach — tells TMZ he’s still very close to Dog after 20 years, so he called him following Dog’s controversial interview with ET’s Kevin Frazier … and told him his comments were “not wise.”

Tim says he explained to Dog that he does NOT have a pass to say the n-word regardless of what he thought in the past or what he told Frazier … and Dog conceded his point and agrees.

According to Storey … Dog is not a racist, but he sometimes doesn’t think through everything he says. The former pastor insists Dog has a good heart, is willing to grow and learn from mistakes and has always treated him and his family with nothing but love and respect.

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Tim also claims he’s never personally heard Dog say the n-word other than his infamous, racial-slur-loaded rant that was leaked back in 2007 … and doesn’t think he should be canceled for that stain from his past.

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As we’ve reported, the 2007 leaked phone call between Dog and his son got him canceled at A&E, and seems to be a bone of contention between his daughters, Bonnie and Cecily, and him. TMZ broke the story … they were not invited to his wedding that went down Thursday.

Storey, on the other hand, tells us he did get an invite — he actually officiated Dog’s wedding to Beth Chapman in 2006 — but didn’t attend due to a scheduling conflict.

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