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New range of Wiz lighting offers smart alternative to Philips Hue


Signify, the company behind the Philips Hue brand, has announced several new products from Wiz – another smart lighting brand under its umbrella.

The Wiz line offers similar smart home lighting to Hue, but is perhaps not so well known. The new range could change that.

A Wiz Hero Gen2 table lamp is now available for £49.99. It can be set across the entire colour spectrum, plus comes with pre-programmed wake-up and bedtime modes which send you to sleep or help you rise in the morning through slowly adjusting the ambient lighting.

The Wiz Squire table lamp is also available now, priced at £54.99, and can be used on a side table or bookshelf. It comes with a dual light zone design that can both transform a blank wall with coloured light and emit a soft glow onto its resting surface.

New Tunable White Ceiling Lights are available for £44.99 for the 14W version, £54.99 for the 16W. They can be set across the entire white light spectrum and come with a Circadian Rhythm mode. This enables the lights to mimic the transition of sunlight throughout the day.

Wiz Adria Daylight Dimmable and Warm Dimmable Ceiling lights have set white lighting signatures, but also offer the same smarts as the rest of the range. They are £31.99 apiece.

Full Colour and Tunable Build on Spot lights bring the same features to spot lighting, from £29.99. While, a Wiz Smart Plus Type-E with power meter will be available from 1 October, priced at £17.99.

All Wiz smart lighting products are compatible with a dedicated app, plus voice assistants, including Alexa and Google Assistant. They are plug and play and can easily connect to your Wi-Fi network and via Bluetooth.

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