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See All the Enchanting Ways Cinderella Has Been Portrayed Through the Years

In honor of Camila Cabello trying the glass slipper on for size in Amazon’s new Cinderella, take a look at all the actresses who’ve portrayed the iconic heroine on TV and in film.

At the stroke of midnight, a new Cinderella appeared.

The newest take on the classic tale is now streaming on Amazon, starring Camila Cabello as the put-upon heroine who’s full of dreams but lacking the time, freedom and fashionable threads to put them into motion. If that sounds like a job for Fabulous Fairy Godmother, played by Billy Porter, you would be right.

And so the centuries-old gift that is the rags-to-riches story of Cinderella keeps on giving.

Though the hit animated Disney feature from 1950 (adjusted for inflation, it has a lifetime box office gross of $532.4 million) was generations of fans’ first exposure to the fairy tale about the beautiful and kind young maiden whose wicked stepmother and stepsisters have made her a servant in her own home, the crux of the story is many millennia old, dating back as far as between 7 BC and 23 AD, when the Greek tale of Rhodopis—a slave who ended up marrying the king of Egypt—was supposedly first shared.

And while the foot-maiming version envisioned by the Brothers Grimm remains a mainstay for those who prefer their sweet tales served with a bit of spice, most of the more contemporary retellings hew closely to French author Charles Perrault‘s “Cendrillon,” first published in Paris as part of a story collection in 1697—hence the chateau that has fallen into disrepair and Cinderella being referred to as mademoiselle in the Disney version, though you’d be hard-pressed to find a French accent.

Cinderella is streaming on Amazon.

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