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The cheapest way to pre-order Elden Ring in Australia

To say anticipation for Elden Ring is through the roof is quite the understatement: it’s through the firmament, through the galaxy, distant alien lifeforms are probably hyped about it. The open world RPG by the creators of Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is probably the most coveted game since Cyberpunk 2077.

And we don’t have long to wait: the Elden Ring release date is January 21, 2022. Public gameplay footage has been pretty thin on the ground so far, but there was a behind closed door showing in late August, resulting in a swathe of Elden Ring previews.

It all sounds very promising indeed. If you’re the type to pre-order games, there aren’t a huge amount of options at the moment. Amazon is taking orders for boxed copies, but if you’re after digital, the only legit option at the moment is to wishlist the game on Steam. That will change, though, and we’ll update the below list with all the best places to get Elden Ring, at the lowest price.

As for pre-order bonuses, given the dearth of actual pre-order opportunities at present we haven’t heard anything on this note. Do keep in mind that From Software is usually averse to these ‘digital bonus’ style incentives.

Cheapest Elden Ring pre-orders in Australia

There aren’t a huge amount of options at the time of writing, but what we have so far is:

Elden Ring @ Amazon AU | AU$99.95AU$79
As is commonly the case, Amazon’s pre-order price carves a substantial chunk off the RRP in Australia. A few caveats: this will ship to you in a box, so you may not have it for launch. The box contains a digital download code, probably redeemable on Steam.

Elden Ring @ JB Hi-Fi | AU$99.95AU$89
This is a boxed copy that will need to be shipped to you, or else purchased at a JB Hi-Fi outlet. If you want to pick Elden Ring up at the shops, this is the cheapest way to do that, beating EB Games by AU$10.95.

Elden Ring @ Steam
Elden Ring has a Steam page but pre-orders aren’t open yet. You can head over and wishlist the game, though. As for what we expect the price to be, blockbuster titles tend to hit Steam at their RRP, so expect AU$99.95 unless this is a rare exception.

Elden Ring @ EB Games | AU$99.95
EB Games is taking pre-orders for Elden Ring at the recommended retail price. Given it’s just a code in a box that will need to be shipped to you, you’re probably better off just buying it on Steam.

This list will grow in the coming weeks and months. Given that digital pre-orders are basically non-existent at the moment, sites like Green Man Gaming and Fanatical could very well beat Steam’s price. As it stands, if you must pre-order Elden Ring right now and don’t mind the annoyance of a physical box with a code in it, Amazon is the way to go.

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