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The Events An Uncharted Prequel Film Would Likely Cover

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While the original video game series was inspired by films such as the Indiana Jones franchise, the upcoming Uncharted film is almost the inverse reaction. While the movie intends to tell an original story based on the existing characters, the first look provided by Nathan Drake actor Tom Holland appears to be a surprisingly faithful interpretation of the game franchise. While the Uncharted movie hasn’t received an official trailer, teaser images from the set (as well as a miniscule amount of footage in a Sony promotional trailer) indicate that the film intends to tell an origin story. However, rather than retread story threads from the franchise, Nathan Drake’s film story is brand new.

Tom Holland’s casting as Nathan Drake was initially confusing for fans until Holland confirmed that the script was written as “an origin story to the games.” Up until recently, movies based on video games often received a negative reception. However, some of the most successful film adaptations of video games are able to bridge the gap between fans and neutral viewers by offering a nuanced, original take on the source material. Tom Holland portraying Nathan Drake is very much proof that there’s potential in the Uncharted film’s origin story. A prequel in Nathan Drake’s storied franchise has a few ways it could broach the iconic character’s story respectfully and successfully.

Nathan Drake’s Origin Story in the Uncharted Games

So far, Uncharted fans have seen a few glimpses into a young Nathan Drake’s distant past through several flashbacks. The first of which was in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, depicting Nathan’s first encounter with Sully, his soon-to-be treasure hunting wingman. In his younger years, Drake’s on a mission to steal an important treasure from his namesake: Sir Francis Drake’s ring, with the iconic “Sic Parvis Magna” inscribed on the inside. Drake ends up being successful, though not without tagging along with Sully, who would ultimately shape him into the treasure hunter he became. Until Uncharted 4, that was Nathan Drake’s origin story.

It wasn’t until Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End where fans received another origin story, though under different circumstances. This was at the point where Uncharted 4 was introducing players to Nathan Drake’s long-lost brother, Sam Drake. After Sam’s introduction and the inciting incident, players were treated with several flashbacks featuring Sam and Nathan, including the iconic prison break. However, most flashbacks featured Sam and Nathan Drake when they were younger: escaping from the orphanage, discovering their mother’s legacy and research, whilst also learning their connection to the acclaimed English admiral and explorer.

Events An Uncharted Prequel Film Could Follow

In terms of the Uncharted games, all of the flashbacks have covered the most important details of Nathan Drake’s origin story, so there is room to grow in Uncharted‘s story. Obtaining the ring is likely not going to be featured in the Uncharted film, for a few reasons: Tom Holland’s Uncharted set photo already portrays Nathan Drake with Sir Francis Drake’s iconic necklace, plus that particular character story for Nathan was already told in the games. Rather, the Uncharted film would likely cover a series of events between the ring heist flashback from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, all the way up to the first game, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Considering Nathan Drake was around 30 years old by the time the events of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune take place, there’s plenty of earlier years for the Uncharted film to work with. Not to mention Sully’s age, who’s around his mid-50s by Drake’s Fortune, a younger version of Sully makes sense for the 49-year-old Mark Wahlberg portraying him. The Uncharted film is meant to be a prequel to Drake’s Fortune in some capacity, though Holland has assured fans previously that they’ll receive a respectful and satisfying introduction of Nathan Drake on the silver screen. That being said, there are some clues as to what the Uncharted movie would cover.

It’s unlikely that the Uncharted film will cover any of the events between Nathan Drake and his brother Sam. Even if Sam’s character was received relatively well in Uncharted 4, he’s understandably left out of the earlier events in the Uncharted timeline. The flashbacks are able to sufficiently flesh out his character and personality well, but Sam likely wouldn’t have a place in the Uncharted film’s plot. That means the film’s events would likely take place in a strict time period: Beyond Nathan Drake’s childhood and young adulthood, but before his 30s and the events of the Uncharted video game series.

The Uncharted film will likely follow Nathan Drake following the trail of bread crumbs that eventually leads him to the unnamed island off the coast of Peru, where the El Dorado treasure resides. Whether the film directly connects and leads into Drake’s Fortune remains to be seen, but that’s certainly a possibility, depending on whether this Uncharted film is meant to transition into a film franchise. Considering this is the first worldwide film under the PlayStation Productions Sony subsidiary, there is a chance the Uncharted film could be preparing for a big splash as a new film franchise as well.

It’s likely the Uncharted film will follow Nathan Drake’s ultimate search for the coffin of Sir Francis Drake; as he searches for his long-deceased ancestor and the alleged bounty he had acquired back in the late 1500s.The events of the film can spread out in whatever way makes sense for an Uncharted film, but the story will likely follow the first big expedition Nathan Drake has ever done, with Sully showing him the ropes of being a successful treasure hunter along the way.

The Uncharted film premieres worldwide on February 18, 2022.

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