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The cheapest way to pre-order Dying Light 2 in Australia

Nearly seven years after the release of its predecessor, Dying Light 2 will finally launch for PC on December 7, 2021. That’s after a number of delays and what has reportedly been a rocky development period, so it might be the kind of game you’ll want to buy after the reviews have dropped. But if you’re eager to bite the proverbial bullet early, it’s possible to pre-order Dying Light 2 right now.

The options are fairly limited in Australia at the moment. Yes, you can already buy the game on Steam and the Epic Games Store, but you’re going to need to fork out for the full RRP of $89.95. If you’re more of a bargain hunter the answer to where the game is cheapest is a familiar one: Amazon.

It looks like Dying Light 2 will be available on third-party storefronts like Fanatical and Green Man Gaming, though the former has no pre-order option at the moment, while the latter doesn’t even have a listing at present. You can even buy the game directly from Techland, though it makes no difference if you do: you’ll get to choose between a Steam or Epic Games Store code, and the price is the same.

So expect this list to evolve in the coming weeks and months, but as of mid-September, here’s the lay of the land:

Cheapest Dying Light 2 pre-orders in Australia

In order of cheapest price, here’s where you can pre-order the standard edition of Dying Light 2 in Australia. Digital pre-orders (ie, Steam and Epic Games Store) get you a three bonus cosmetics: the “Reload” themed outfit, weapon skin and paraglider skin.

Dying Light 2 @ Amazon AU$89.95AU$69
As per usual the behemoth undercuts everyone else, but as always, this is a boxed copy: the box contains a digital code redeemable on Steam, though you may not get that code before its launch time (probably the next day, in a best case scenario where Covid-19 isn’t wreaking havoc on the mail system).

There’s also a deluxe edition on Amazon for AU$99 (usually AU$119.95) that gets you access to forthcoming story DLC as well as a bunch of exclusive cosmetics, all in a sturdy, kinda pointless steelbook.

Dying Light 2 @ Steam AU$89.95
No surprises here: Steam is selling Dying Light 2 at the recommended retail price and won’t budge until after launch. The deluxe and ultimate editions are AU$120 / AU$150 respectively.

Dying Light 2 @ Epic Games Store AU$89.95
The same goes for Epic’s storefront: the deluxe and ultimate editions are AU$120 / AU$150 respectively. Until Dying Light 2 starts to hit the likes of Fanatical and Green Man Gaming, the game is an RRP-only affair if you don’t want Amazon to ship it to you.

That’s where prices are sitting at the moment, but you don’t have to fire off a pre-order just yet if you don’t want: there’s plenty of time before December rolls around.

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