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NBA 2K22: Best Dribble Moves

NBA 2K22:

Playmaking moves are core to almost every build in NBA 2K22. These are these little stutter steps, fakeouts, and sudden bursts of speed that take players from covered to wide open. Gamers that use these moves can get open with just a waggle of the joystick.

Since dribble moves cost stamina, using only the moves that work well is a key component of the game. Using the default selections will end up with the MyPlayer being tired at the end of a game using useless moves that didn’t make any difference. These are the moves in NBA 2K22 that pay the best dividends when they get used.

Dribble Style

  • Fundamental

There are three pieces to having an ideal dribbling style. Dribbling should be low to prevent steals, fast on the run, and the feet need to be even so that breaking left or right is equally powerful. Each style has its positives and negatives, but the Fundamental style fills all of these categories.

Moving Crossover

  • J. Tatum

The J. Tatum crossover doesn’t slow down on the drive like many other crossovers. Also, the body language appears to go in the opposite direction than the player actually moves, which grants some easy ankle-breakers against both AI and human opponents.

Moving Behind The Back

  • K. Leonard

The point of going behind the back is to protect the ball, but almost all of these moves sacrifice speed to pull the move off. Thankfully, the K. Leonard move protects the ball while keeping the same speed while driving, making it the easy choice of the bunch.

Moving Stepback

  • C. Paul

Because moving stepbacks are used to transition into a jumpshot, they should throw off the defender by appearing to continue forward and then quickly prepare to take a shot. The fastest of these is the C. Paul which also has a very convincing fake at the beginning, making it the no-brainer choice.

Moving Spin

  • J. Embiid

Moving spins should throw a defender off during a drive, but if they are too slow or unconvincing, the defender can easily get back into position. The J. Embiid moving spin is not only convincing, but actually manages to accelerate faster during the process.

Moving Hesitation

  • L. Doncic

Unlike many dribble moves where the goal is to execute them quickly, the moving hesitation needs to look like the player is changing directions or crossing over. This movement causes the defender to readjust, then the ball handler can resume course with a sudden burst of speed. The fake on the L. Doncic hesitation is a good one and the acceleration afterward has to be seen to be believed.

Signature Size-Up

  • C. Anthony

Size-ups cost stamina to use, so a bad one that doesn’t make the defender move is seriously detrimental to ball handlers. Ideally, they need to fake both left and right, then front and back, fooling the defender about what the next move will be. The C. Anthony size-up directions are all believable and engage in all four directions.

Signature Combo

  • K. Irving

This is an easy choice, as Kyrie Irving is widely regarded as having one of the best signature combos of all time. What makes the K. Irving combo so successful is the convincing movements, low ball control, and how well the ball is protected. This move often leaves the ball defenseless for brief moments, but Irving leaves no real window for stealing during these moves.

Size-Up Escape Package

  • K. Bryant

The objective of an escape package is to rapidly adjust to get some space away from the defender. It should cover a lot of distance and resolve hastily for a free shot. The K. Bryant package does all of this and has some unique animations for going back-left and back-right, a recipe for some completely open jumpers.

Triple Threat Style

  • WNBA 2

The triple thread should be a smooth but not obvious transition into shooting or dribbling. Most triple threat styles only tease in one direction, but the WNBA 2 triple threat can fluidly move left, right, and forward. What sets it over the top is how the move also goes back for smooth jumpers.

Park Flashy Passes

  • The Wizard

This one isn’t a dribble, but it is included with the playmaking moves. The Wizard delivers a nice fake pass in one direction while sending the ball flying another way, perfect for making defenders look completely confused in the park.

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