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Realistic Artwork Shows How Geralt Could Look In A Next-Gen Witcher Game


Whether he’s engaging in the delicate dance of international politics, solving mysteries like a medieval Batman, or just out on the job doing some good old-fashioned monster slaying, Geralt of The Witcher captures the hearts and minds of readers, television show enthusiasts, and gamers alike. With a strong grip in so many forms of media, it is practically a given that the franchise of The Witcher and its main character will continue to have a place in popular culture, including the next generation of video games.

As graphical fidelity continues to improve with each successive video game generation, one can’t help but wonder what the White Wolf of The Witcher will look like. One artist put their enormous talents to the task, delivering a Geralt so realistic he looks like he could leap right off of the page.

A 3D artist by the name of Massimiliano Bianchini shared the fruits of their labor on what a next-generation Geralt might look like, and the Butcher of Blaviken cuts an intimidating figure. The artist offered two versions: one with Geralt under a hood and one with his face for all to see, each showing the weathered and experience Witcher that audiences are familiar with an uncanny sense of realism.

While Geralt isn’t depicted with a hood very often, the look suits him, and that sense of mystique does nothing to undercut the stoicism Geralt is known for. The realistic details of both versions breathe a great deal of life into them, from the uneven pieces of lint on the cloth of Geralt’s hood to dirt and grime on his skin, this version is a bit more rough around the edges than Henry Cavill’s more chiseled rendition of the Witcher.

Perhaps the most striking detail in both versions are Geralt’s eyes, both their color as well as their intensity. Whether beneath the darkness of the hood or out light for all to see, the glowing golden-yellow tinge of the Witcher’s eyes immediately draw focus away from Geralt’s much darker ensemble. Just as eye-catching is the expression the artist expertly portrays in the focused gaze Geralt has as he looks forward. It’s no secret that Geralt has seen a great deal more than others in his world, and before his work is finally done Geralt will likely see a lot more wonders. Regardless of what form Geralt takes in the following generations of pop culture, it’s clear that his pragmatic and focused resolve will continue to resonate with audience, carrying him forward for many years to come.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is now available for PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.