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Twitch Streamer Asmongold Claims Leak About His Earnings is Wrong


With Twitch gaining a massive boost in users these past couple of years, many streamers across the platform have been making substantial pay raises from their subscribers. Now, after Twitch’s massive data leak released 125 GB of data off the platform servers onto the web, fans are able to get a sense of just how much their favorite streamers are making from all the way back to 2019.

One popular streamer among the list of leaked earnings is Asmongold. Asmongold started streaming around 2014 and is primarily known for playing games like World of Warcraft, New World, and Final Fantasy 14. From this, he has been able to gain an impressive standing on the platform with over 2 million followers and averaging about 50,000 viewers per stream.

From the initial breach, it was revealed that Asmongold made about 19 million from 2019. However, this would later be corrected in a second post on 4chan to be about 2.5 million. In response, Asmongold stated during a stream that he doesn’t care much for the breach, but the number for his earnings was wrong.

It is possible that Asmongold was mainly referring to the initial post that stated he earned $19 million, not being aware of the correction made. Another part of the leak showed Asmongold’s earnings for September of 2021, putting him at $141,000. If this is accurate, then this puts his earnings for this year so far at about 1.5 million. It should be noted that these numbers are before tax and do not account for any money made from Twitch donations or sponsorships.

Other important information that was leaked from Twitch servers that were leaked was the website’s source code, information about a Steam competitor named Vapor, along with the earnings of other top creators on the website. Earlier today, Twitch made a post on its Twitter account say that it is aware of the hack and is working urgently to fix it. Twitch has also promised to update the community as soon as it can and to bear with them.

Twitch was already in murky water with the creators on the website after the rise of hate raids on Twitch, so with this event following shortly after doesn’t bode well for the platform. Luckily, the leaked information was only the streamer’s earnings and not something more severe like social security numbers or other personal information. This also probably explains why Asmongold wasn’t too pressed about the issue. Hopefully, Twitch does something soon to address this issue, find the ones responsible, and put countermeasures in place to prevent this from happening again.