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Planet Zoo Gets New Animals and More in Wetlands DLC


Zoo management game Planet Zoo was praised by critics when it first launched for its realistic interpretation of animals and emphasis on wildlife conservation. Like many simulator games, Planet Zoo sought to prioritize realism over all else for animal lovers that wanted to create their very own zoos. The famous Zoo Tycoon franchise had allowed players to do this before, though a new Zoo Tycoon game hasn’t been released in years, leading Frontier Developments to create Planet Zoo as a spiritual successor to the Zoo Tycoon franchise.

A small complaint some fans had on the game’s release, though, was that Planet Zoo didn’t have the animals that they were looking forward to seeing. Post-launch, though, fan reception to Planet Zoo has been positive as Frontier Developments continues to release new animals through updates and DLC packs, such as the Australia pack which brought kangaroos, koalas, and dingos to the game. Most recently, the Europe pack brought some famous animals from the continent into Planet Zoo, and now an upcoming Wetlands pack seeks to bring animals that thrive both on land and in water to the game.

The Wetlands pack is the ninth DLC installment for Planet Zoo and brings eight new animals for players to manage. These animals are the capybara, platypus, wild water buffalo, red-crowed crane, Danube crested newt, Nile lechwe, and Asian small-clawed otter. As the Wetlands pack is listed as an Animal pack, it won’t contain any extra items for players to customize the scenery in their zoos. However, it does also contain a new scenario which tasks players with building and maintaining an animal sanctuary in the Brazilian Pantanal.